Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Retreat and Bill Cosby

The Retreat was awesome! The cabins weren't in true wilderness, a grocery could be found twenty minutes away and you could see houses on the opposite hill, but it was still pretty remote. Quiet, lovely six hours a day dedicated to silent writing, evenings filled with laughter and friends, twice a day lectures, delicious meals, the whole package made the retreat the most relaxing and rewarding experiences I'd ever been on. Better than a spa. I was able to rework some old ideas and come up with some new ones so over all I am very satisfied. Side note, this week I had a creative spark. I've had this long standing theory that no one believes that they're the bad guy. Usually anyway. I was at work when I came up with an insight into the mind of someone who is the complete opposite of me. ..... Someone may feel that it is just to put religion down because they would not subject themselves to what they believed was a right and good and just power which power was their own. “Religious fanatics are blinded by their faith. They believe, fight for, and die for something they’ve never seen. All conflict would cease if these people would just see past their God and accept everyone and follow the laws of the government. Though they are corrupt and sometimes someone may be wrongly put to death, it is still something all people can unite under. Not this God that most thinking beings don't subject themselves to. Of course, by accepting us and our values we know that we will not be satisfied until they are doing as we are doing or else they shall be forever different, and therefore, always a problem to the peace of society.” ..... Ok, for a fully realized idea its not great, but for a creative spark brainstorm it's excellent. I'm excited to meditate on this topic and see what other gems I can come up with. Bill Cosby came to our school. He's older and most of his jokes relate better to older people. I'd repeat some of it but anyone who know Bill Cosby jokes know that at least 65% of the funny comes directly from his voice inflections. So I refuse to butcher a legends jokes online. I'll just say that it was mostly worth the fifteen bucks I paid to go and see him. He got mixed reviews from a lot of people. But the reviews are complete opposites so I guess it just depended on who listened to him on whether it was good or not. Personally I enjoyed it so I guess that's all that matters. Randomly, the tickets were assigned and my roommate and I didn't know until we sat down that our other roommate had the seat right next to ours. It felt as though it was fate to sit together.

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